Paint it Back is releasing on Steam Oct. 14!

Rewritten from scratch and revamped with new features, Paint it Back is going to be playable on your Windows, Mac or Linux computer! New features include: Master difficulty mode – paint those big paintings at full size. Undo and redo buttons. Play with mouse, game controller or keyboard. Grab it from Steam on October 14. Gaming press and game streamers …

Paint it Back is on Steam Greenlight and could use your vote!

Play those big levels at their full size on a huge luxurious monitor! The plan is to release it for PC/Mac/Linux.  Now if I could just get greenlit… Paint it Back on Greenlight

iOS and Mac Paint it Back Updated with Free New Paintings

A free update to Paint it Back is available right now that adds the room “The Archives” and a new achievement “Basement Dweller.” There’s 12 new paintings, including: “Satan Explaining to Bigfoot Why He Should’ve Gotten Baptized” “Why is this Man Slowly and Loudly Counting?” “You’d Better Smile for the Smile Patrol”

Paint it Back is the Best Puzzle Game of the Year…says one source.

The kind folks over at Pocket Tactics awarded Paint it Back with a 2013 Best Word/Puzzle Game of the Year award! If yer not reading Pocket Tactics on a daily basis, you gotta fix that.  Pertinent game news delivered with humor and insight. Good forums, too.

It’s the Paint it Back User Review Revue!

(We’ve got some great reviews for you tonight! On with the show!)

The First Review of Paint it Back is in!


Watch Me Squirm as I Wrestle with Free-to-play

I keep changing my mind about how to monetize Paint it Back. At first I just assumed one could simply charge a single price and that was that, but that was a few years ago, before the rise in popularity of free-to-play, where you download the game for free and pay for features from within the app. Nowadays it seems …

The Trouble with Toasters

Stephen Lavelle has made a nifty little tool called PuzzleScript. With it you can make quickly make simple puzzle games that play right in your browser, so I cobbled together The Trouble with Toasters. Set your expectation level to Atari 2600 era graphics and gameplay designed in a few hours. Click here to play it. I believe the only way …

Pocket Tactics Previews Paint it Back – Positively!

Owen Faraday over at Pocket Tactics talks to me about working at Popcap and says things like “Paint it Back is my favourite puzzle game of the year so far.” Here’s that link post-haste! A veteran dev brings us Paint it Back — and an inside view of pre-EA Popcap

Paint it Back – Releasing October 17!

Behold that thought – Paint it Back is finally going to be released on October 17. For the price of a cup of coffee, you can help save these endangered paintings.

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