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The art has disappeared
from the gallery!
Can you Paint it Back?
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Repaint lost works of art by using brainpower!

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A full palette of features:

  • 140 paintings to solve!
  • 14 rooms to unlock!
  • 18 achievements!
  • 6 individual player profiles on one device (the whole family can play!)
  • Univeral app: play on iPad/iPhone/iTouch.
  • iCloud sync: play on one iDevice, continue on another.
  • iPad: play in either landscape or portrait mode.
  • Endless “Mystery Masterpiece” challenge mode.
  • Logic puzzles you may also know as nonograms, picross or griddlers.
  • Hours of puzzley fun for the whole family!
Use logic as your paintbrush to solve each painting’s unique puzzle!

logo and gallery
the artist

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