So, this is the first post. A good place to get a few things out of the way.

This is the website of a small game company. Most of the time it’s just me (hi – the name’s Ed), but others make key contributions.

A few years ago I worked at Popcap Games as a developer. Some prototypes were made, some layoffs were sent ’round. Now I’m here doing the indie thing, as was always the long-term plan, but it would’ve been nice to see one of those prototypes become a proper game.

So this indie thing needed an official identity. I made some sketches and eventually came up with the “flask with straw” logo at the top of this page. I liked its toxic flavor. The words “Casual Labs” seemed to go with it.

But that seemingly innocuous word “casual” can be polarizing in the gaming community. Lately, it’s been with good reason, so I feel like I need to clarify where I’m coming from with that company moniker.

I think the most important contribution the “casual” games genre has made to the scene is in improving accessibility. It has demonstrated how to make a simplified interface anybody can pick up and play.

And I think the worst contribution has been the numerous monetization schemes. Some are appropriate and reasonable, but others are game-damaging. Some are just plain insidious.

I’d like for Casual Labs to be associated with that first thing – the thing that’s about making your game more fun to more people.

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